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This Pass is supplied by the London Councils (all the London Boroughs and City of London) to residents of London.

There are two types of FreedomPass.

  1. The Disabled Pass is available to anybody with a qualifying disability (see website for full list) who lives in a London Borough and is part of the National disability scheme.
  2. The Pensioners Freedom Pass is available to residents of a London Borough who have reached the state pension age (until 2010 the qualifying age was 60).

    At present it is 61 but will rise to 62 in 2013 (see web site for details of eligibility).

Validity  London :

  • These passes can be used on all TfL services, Underground, Overground, Docklands Light Rail, Tram and all London buses including 405 to Redhill and 166 to Banstead and Epsom 24 hrs per day.
  • The pass can also be used on National Rail services in the London Zones from 9.30am until  4.30am Monday to Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday.
  • In addition you can obtain a discount on River services and the cable car.

Outside London :

  • The pass can be used on any scheduled buses in England, but not in Wales or Scotland. However, it is only valid at the times specified by the local authority

    e.g. in Surrey it cannot be used before 9.30 and after 23.00 (if you have an appointment at East Surrey Hospital before 9.30am you can use the 405 to Redhill, but will have to pay on the 100 or 400 bus)

    More information

New 60+ Concessionary Travel Scheme:

The Mayor Boris Johnson has introduced a new 60+ Concessionary Travel Scheme using a variation of the Oystercard from 1st November 2012 for those people over 60 years of age who no longer qualify for a Freedom Pass.

The pass will have the same validity as a FreedomPass except that it will not be valid on buses outside London except for London routes such as 166 and 405.

This pass can be obtained from the TfL website. There is an administrative charge of £10 and you will need to either fill in the form online and supply a digital photograph or print the form off and provide a passport photograph and take to a Post Office