Public Art Consultation

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The Benefits:  Public Art improves the quality of the environment, making it a more attractive place in which to work and live. Public art can:-

  • Evoke a sense of place and identity
  • Provide focal points
  • Mark a central public space
  • Provide meeting places
  • Mark the gateways into Coulsdon – approached to the Brighton Road via the junction at Lion Green Road from Farthing Way
  • Enhance the environment and provide local landmarks
  • Celebrate local history

The Aims of the Project

  • Consult local people to gather a consensus of opinion on subject, media, location and materials
  • Promote Public Art for Coulsdon and raise its profile with Croydon Council
  • Seek sponsorship and funding opportunities including Planning Gain
  • Where possible, work with local artists and use local materials
  • Identify long term objectives and short term gains.

What are the Possibilities

  • Free standing monumental sculpture
  • Commemorative Plaques
  • Mosaic or tiled art work
  • Fountain
  • Landscaping.

 It doesn’t have to be a statue

  • It can be traditional or informal and unexpected
  • It can use modern man made materials like concrete
  • It can use natural materials like wood
  • It can use local materials like flint
  • Celebrate local or national events
  • Celebrate a site of local historical interest
  • Involve artists and the local community

Pauline Payne, Coulsdon Forum, Friends of Farthing Downs and ECRA has put together these ideas which you may have for public art in the Town Centre.  She would welcome your ideas through this website and they will be forwarded to Pauline for consideration.