Croydon Services

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The London Borough of Croydon is the Borough which serves Coulsdon. Pictured here is the Old Town Hall, which is much prettier than the old Taberner House or current Bernard Weatherall House where most of the administration for Croydon is carried out.You can contact them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by using the link to ‘Contact the Council’  The contact details for the London Borough of Croydon are listed below. Your Croydon Newsletter can be sourced from this URL where you can follow the links to get ‘News’ of what the Council is doing,  and ‘Have Your Say’ and ‘What’s On.’ and


You can report the following directly to the Council: abandoned cars, graffiti, noise nuisance, potholes in the road, faulty street lighting, planning enforcement, problems with trees, grass verges, or parks, waste not being collected or strewn about and, if you are a Council Tenant, housing repairs and more. Just follow this link to report the problem. .

More information about services can be found by using the subject links below:

Other ways you can contact them:

By phone

Visit us

Access Croydon, Bernard Weatherill House, 8 Mint Walk, Croydon, CR0 1EA.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm.

What you can do here

  • Use our computers to access and carry out online services
  • Book and attend welfare benefit appointments
  • Submit documents
  • Get direct telephone access to specific council departments

Have your say on:

Consultations –  The Council often asks for your opinions on policies and decision they are taking about services and your local area.  You can find out what consultations are currently running and see how to take part by visiting –

Councillor Surgeries –  all councillors have monthly surgeries at which you can talk to then in confience about decision that the Council has made that affect you –

E-Petitions – Did you know that you can create petitions on LBC’s website –


Do it On-Line. For the full list of Council On-Line Services follow this link: –

A to z of Services


Since the instigation of the new contract there is not a standard collection time for all recycling services for the whole of Coulsdon East. Go to to find details of your our road.


Reporting An abandoned vehicle iF a car or other vehicle that has been left unused on open land or a public highway for three weeks or more.


To report instances of animal nuisance us the form on this link –


You can apply for various Council Service on line. These include: Building Control issues; Council Tax; tickets; Housing issues; Land searches; and much more. Just follow this link.


You can ask the Council to supply you with a variety of things which includes: Freedom of Information; Neighbourhood Partnership Questions; parking fine enquiries; pest control; Questions for Council Meetings; and more. Just follow this link:


Use the On-Line calculator to see if you are entitled to housing or council tax benefit.


As of October 2011 nearly all bin collections in Croydon will change.

The Council are introducing a weekly food waste collection to every household – with the aim of reducing the remaining contents of your landfill bins, after normal recycling, by 30%. This will cut the amount of waste we send to environmentally damaging landfill sites. Houses and small blocks of flats will be the first to get the new service, followed by larger blocks of flats before March next year.

We will also be collecting one of your recycling boxes each week, meaning that we only have to collect landfill rubbish every other week.

for more information please visit –


You can view live or recorded Council Meetings on line through this link.


You can pay your Council Tax on-line by following this link –


Contact your local councillors direct: Your local Conservative Councillors, Chris Wright, Brian Udell and Terry Lenton, hold a surgery on the last Saturday of every month (except August and December) between 10.00am and 12.00 noon in the Guide Hut at the rear of the shops on Tudor Parade. They can also be emailed on   and   and   or you can phone Chris Wright on 01737 555581 and Brian Udell on 01737 552185 and Terry Lenton on 020 8404 3460 .


To report instances of dog fouling use the form on the following link


To report instances of fly tipping us the form on the following link –


To report graffiti, whether on your house or elsewhere, use the form on the following link to report it:


This service is free – Small quantities of hazardous waste  can be taken away free of charge e.g. old paint, garden chemicals etc. The safe removal of asbestos sheeting from old garden sheds can also be arranged by calling 020 7332 3433.


Buying a home can be a stressful experience. To help facilitate the process your solicitor can now apply online for a Croydon Local Authority Search. The search protects you from nasty surprises after you’ve moved into your new home such as extensions without Building Regulations Approval or plans which may affect your new home. Just follow this link.


Libraries: There’s more to the library these days than just books. They have free computer access, videos and DVD’s for hire from £1.00 to £3.00 for a week at a time, Inland Revenue Advice sessions, a Reading Group and lots of activities for babies and young children. For those who are partially sighted there are books in Large Print, on Audio Cassettes and CD’s.

Click here for more details about library services for the visually impaired. There is also a Mobile Library, which visits Curling Close on one Tuesday every month between 10.00 and 10.30am for those who are physically unable to make it to the library. See the Dates for Your Diary Page for its next stop. Your nearest local library is in Bradmore Way, next to Coulsdon C of E School and Coulsdon Library on the main Brighton Road in Coulsdon

Renew your library books – online? Just follow the link –  • Catalogue – Search the Croydon Libraries Catalogue online –


There are Council One-Stop Surgeries at Coulsdon and Purley Libraries: Instead of trailing all the way to Croydon to use the Council’s One-Stop service, you can speak to someone face to face at Coulsdon and Purley Libraries. A member of the One-Stop team gives information and advice on Council services at Coulsdon Library on the first and third Tuesday of the month between 2.30 and 4.30pm.

The same service is available on the second Thursday of the month between 2.30 and 4.30pm at Purley Library.

Just in case there is a staff shortage preventing the representative from attending at either library please call Coulsdon Library on 020 8660 1548 or Purley Library on 020 8660 1171 to check they are there before setting out. Staff at both libraries are also happy to help you contact the right person in the right department at any other time, so you don’t have to wait if there is something more urgent you need to discuss.


This enables you to notify the council of a move into the borough, out of the borough or within the borough. Just follow this link.


You can pay for many of the Council Services on line. These include licences, Business rates, Council Tax, Housing rent, parking and driving penalties and much more. Just follow this link.


To make On-Line Planning Applications and to view and comment on applications through the on-line planning register.


This service is free for one collection of up to seven items, such as dining sets, sofas etc. can be collected by the Council and removed absolutely free of charge. There is a charge of £20 for extra visits, however. Telephone Taberner House on 020 8686 4433 to arrange a date and time.


These can be disposed free of charge at any of the civic amenity sites (don’t forget to take your permit though). If you would like it collected, however, there is a charge of £10. For more details, or to arrange a date and time for collection, call Taberner House on 020 8686 4433.


This service is is no longer free but can still  be collected by the Council and removed for  a yearly fee,. Telephone Taberner House on 020 8686 4433 to arrange a date and time. for bulky items or visit


This service is free. As part of an Association of London Government initiative, in conjunction with the Home Office, your old, or untaxed car can be taken away by the Council absolutely free of charge. Click here for details, or call 020 8686 4433.


For a list of Croydon School, schools admissions and the facility to apply on-line follow this link.

WASTE OR RE-CYCLING for details of  changes to bin and re-cycling collections

If your bin has been missed or you wish to contact the Council regarding domestic waste collection follow the following link –  – visit for details  of new bin collection from October 2012

If you have a query on recycling then follow this link to report it –

Bulky waste collection

Bulky items are household items that:

  • cannot be re-used or recycled
  • do not fit in your wheeled bin
  • you cannot transport to our waste, recycling and re-use centres.

If your bulky items are “white goods” such as a fridge or freezer, or items that can be refurbished such as furniture, see the White goods collection or the Furniture and appliance recycling and removals links at left.

How to arrange a collection

To book a collection contact LBC at the details below.

You must bag, box or bundle all items. Please place them in your front garden or in an easily accessible location the night before they are due to be picked up. This should be no more than 10 metres from where the collection vehicle can stop.

If you are elderly or disabled contact us to find out how LBC can help.

What LBC can and cannot collect

They can collect:

  • single items of furniture or appliance that can be handled and loaded on to the vehicle by no more than two workers
  • wooden fence panels that do not exceed 5′ x 6′ and cast iron baths that are broken into at least three pieces.

They do not collect:

  • items that can be re-used or recycled
  • hazardous waste such as asbestos or corrosive, flammable, explosive or toxic substances
  • gas cylinders, car batteries or car tyres
  • paint, oil, solvents or similar liquids
  • aerosols
  • pianos
  • tree trunks
  • cast iron boilers, tanks or baths
  • double glazing units
  • mirrors or mirrored panels (ie from wardrobes)
  • glass products
  • loose materials
  • tiles
  • building materials such as rubble and bricks
  • white goods (fridges, cookers, washing machines).

For advice on how to dispose of items that cannot be collected, contact the Factory Lane Waste Transfer and Recycling Centre (details below).

What LBC charge

They will collect up to 14 items per visit with no restriction on the number of collections booked within a year.

Charges are:

  • £10 for the first seven items
  • £20 for eight to 14 items.

Contact Details

Contact name: Bulky Waste Collection

Telephone: 020 8726 6200

SMS: Text “ENV” to 60660