Consultation On The Proposed GTR/Southern 2018 Timetable

From September to 6th December 2016 GTR are consulting on their proposed timetable for 2018 when the work on rebuilding London Bridge is complete and the full Thameslink service will be introduced. East Surrey Transport Committee which represents local rail users criticized and continued to make representation about the 2015 timetable and some of the early proposals for 2018 in their view the service provided for Coulsdon is worse than that previously provided in 2014.

The main criticisms of the 2015 timetable at Coulsdon South were : The loss of local services to Reigate and Tonbridge; No additional peak hour services; the lack of off-peak service to Victoria and extended journey times to central London. At Coulsdon Town it was the reduction in the number of off-peak trains. The main criticism for 2018 timetable was that all trains serving both Coulsdon Stations would come from north of Blackfriars and any disruption north of Blackfriars would mean that the service to Coulsdon stations would be disrupted for several hours, while most other stations on the network would have an alternative service starting from central London.

We are pleased that GTR have addressed these issues in their latest proposals and there is an improvement to services to the Coulsdon area. At Coulsdon South there is an additional peak hour train, local services to Reigate and Tonbridge are restored and an all-day off-peak service to Victoria. There is a further option to improve evening and Sunday services to Victoria. The Tattenham Corner and Caterham lines will now remain Southern Metro services. As a result at Coulsdon Town the off-peak service will be restored to 4 trains per hour along with a faster evening and Sunday service.

These are the main proposal that GTR are asking you comment on :

Coulsdon South  Trains per hour (tph)
Peaks hours Mon to Sat daytimes Evenings Sundays
6tph 4tph 3 tph 3tph
4 to London Bridge

2 will continue to Bedford and 2 to Peterborough

2 to London Bridge starting from Horsham and continuing to Peterborough 2 to London Bridge starting from Horsham and continuing to Peterborough 2 to London Bridge starting from Horsham and continuing to Peterborough
2 to Victoria 2 to Victoria Starting


Reigate or Tonbridge

1or 2 to Victoria  starting from Reigate or Tonbridge 1 or 2 to Victoria  starting from Reigate or Tonbridge


Coulsdon Town Trains per hour (tph)
Peaks hours Mon to Sat daytimes Evenings Sundays
4tph + 4tph 2 tph 2tph
2 to London Bridge

2 to Victoria

+ some West London line services


2 to London Bridge semi-fast

2 to Victoria all stations via Norwood Junction and Crystal Palace starting at Coulsdon Town

2 to London Bridge semi-fast 2 to London Bridge semi-fast
All joining with a Caterham portion at Purley All London Bridge trains joining with a Caterham portion at Purley All London Bridge trains joining with a Caterham portion at Purley All London Bridge trains joining with a Caterham portion at Purley

East Surrey
Transport Committee is asking you to support these proposed changes and in particular are asking you to support the following changes :

Tattenham Corner line & Coulsdon Town

  1. Keeping The Caterham and Tattenham Corner lines as part of Southern Metro services and to use only 5 coach trains. This will prevent these lines suffering major disruption when there are problems north of London Bridge. Question 19 Answer  : Yes
  2. Diverting the existing Victoria to Sutton via Crystal Palace and West Croydon off-peak service to Coulsdon Town. This will reinstate 4tph off-peak at Coulsdon Town and Reedham. It will also provide an all stations Victoria service. Question 58 Answer : Yes 

    Also see West London Line 7 below

Coulsdon South

  1. Increase the peak hour service from 5tph to 6 tph (4 London Bridge & 2 Victoria) with 4 tph in the off-peak 2tph to Clapham Junction and Victoria & 2tph to London Bridge, Blackfriars, St Pancras, Finsbury Park and Peterborough. Also to reintroduce direct Reigate and Tonbridge services.Questions 39 & 40 Answer : Yes
  2. An option to improve the evening and Sunday service from Victoria from 1tph to 2tph improving the service at Coulsdon South from 3tph to 4tph. Question 47 Answer  : Support first options with trains to Reigate and Tonbridge (this makes the off-peak and Sunday service consistent all week).

West London Line

  1. The consultation asks if peak West London line trains should start or terminate at Selhurst, Purely or Coulsdon Town (as the 07.30 Coulsdon Town to Watford does now). We are asking you to support starting at Coulsdon Town Without the peak service at Coulsdon Town and Reedham the service would be reduced to 4tph. Question 63 Answer  Coulsdon Town
  2. Other Comments on West London Line? We are asking for the present hourly off-peak service from East Croydon to Watford via Shepherd’s Bush to be increase to 2tph. Question 64 Answer : Increase the service to Watford to 2tph.

Are there any down side ?

  • There are very few but a couple Coulsdon South would lose its Sunday Bognor service, but gain an extra train per hour.
  • Tattenham Corner trains would be slightly slower as they will join and divide all day with Caterham trains at Purley, but the evening and Sunday services with be consistent and faster.
  • There will be fewer stops at Norwood Junction.

You respond by emailing GTR at or by post  to GTR 2018 timetable Consultation, Eastside Offices, King’s Cross station, London N1C 4AP or by filling in the questionnaire response form on the GTR web site using the guide above

If you require more information please email

Charles King   Chair :  East Surrey Transport Committee  

Charing Cross Trains Return To London Bridge

From Monday 29th August 2016

Part of the new Concourse underneath London Bridge opens with a new Entrance from St Thomas Street.

Southeastern Charing Cross Trains will now call again at London Bridge for Waterloo East and Charing Cross. Except in the reverse peak flow where there will be no trains from Charing Cross and Waterloo East to London Bridge  between 08.00 and 09.15 and in the evening there will be no trains from London Bridge to Waterloo East between wand  16.30 and 18.00. Cannon Street services will no longer call at London Bridge until January 2018.

Transport News


The basic off-Peak services from Coulsdon South will be at 09 and 39 to London Bridge, St Pancras and Peterborough 20 and 50 past the hour to Clapham Junction and Victoria.From Coulsdon Town at 12 and 42 all stations to London Bridge 29 and 59 all stations to East Croydon and fast to London Bridge

There are changes to first and last trains First Trains from:  Coulsdon South will be 05.48 and 06.09 see note and from Coulsdon Town at 05.59 and 06.09Last train from London will be 23.47 London Bridge to Coulsdon Town   23.57 London Bridge to Coulsdon South and 00.08 Victoria to Coulsdon South

Later trains will run on Friday and Saturday nights.

However, GTR have announced that not all trains will start on the Monday 21st May 2018  – the following trains from Coulsdon will not Run

Coulsdon South

  • 09 to London Bridge and Peterborough starts Monday 28th May 2018
  • Coulsdon South 09.39 to London Bridge and Peterborough starts Monday 4th June 2018
  • Coulsdon South 15.39 to London Bridge and Peterborough starts Monday 4th June 2018
  • Coulsdon South 18.09 to London Bridge and Peterborough starts Monday 28th May 2018
  • Coulsdon South 21.39 to London Bridge and Peterborough starts Monday 4th June 2018
  • Coulsdon South 06.27 to Gatwick and Horsham starts Tuesday 22nd May 2018 (travel via East Croydon)
  • Coulsdon South 06.57 to Gatwick and Horsham starts Monday 4th June 2018 (travel via East Croydon)
  • Coulsdon South 07.55 to Gatwick and Horsham starts Monday 4th June 2018 (travel via East Croydon)
  • Coulsdon South 10.23 to Gatwick and Horsham starts Monday 4th June 2018 (travel via East Croydon
  • Coulsdon South 13.53 to Gatwick and Horsham starts Monday 4th June 2018 (travel via East Croydon)
  • Coulsdon South 16.53 to Gatwick and Horsham starts Monday 28th May 2018 (travel via East Croydon)
  • Coulsdon South 19.53 to Gatwick and Horsham starts Monday 4th June 2018 (travel via East Croydon)

Coulsdon Town

  • 43 all stations to London Bridge no date for reinstatement.
  • Coulsdon Town 09.43 all stations to London Bridge no date for reinstatement.

Please check on as these may change at any time



Poor Performance: The Service at local stations has been absolutely appalling in the weeks leading up to Christmas and the weeks after services resumed, this was taken up by East Surrey Transport Committee and GLA member Steve O’Connell with David Scorey and Alex Foulds the two Southern Service Directors. While Chris Philp MP, along with a number of other MPS raised these problems in Parliament with the Rail Minister Claire Perry MP.

Major Changes at LONDONBRIDGE: From December 2012 until December 2018 London Bridge Station is being rebuilt 3 platforms at a time from west to east. This will mean that from January 2015 Southeastern Trains to Waterloo East and Charing Cross will no longer stop at LondonBridge for up 18 months. While other services will be subject to time changes, diversions and will not be able to call at LondonBridge at all Southern and a South Eastern for up to 6 months and FCC Thameslink for 3 years. To keep a track of progress and changes to train time please consult.

New Timetable : The worse service provided by the new timetable at many local stations but at Coulsdon South and Norwood Junction was also raised at the meeting with Steve O’Connell, Southern took the view that things may be worse in the Croydon area but they were better elsewhere. Steve O’Connell has asked to meet with Southern again in February.

If you are not happy with the change to the services at Coulsdon South in particular Steve O’Connell is urging you to write/email to David Scorey with a copy to him before February.

Coulsdon South:  trains will be 16 & 46 past the hour to East Croydon and LondonBridge. At 26 & 59 past the hour to East Croydon, Blackfriars and Bedford. The 09.25 to Victoria and the 09.28 to LondonBridge will still run but many vary by a minute or so in the final timetable.  In the down direction, Horsham trains will be earlier at 25 & 55 past the hour and GatwickAirport / ThreeBridges will be 14 & 44 minutes past the hour.

Coulsdon Town:  Trains will be at 01 & 37 minutes past the hour to East Croydon and LondonBridge and at 21 & 51 minutes past the hour to Tattenham Corner.

Trains will leave LondonBridge: at 20 & 50 for CoulsdonTown and 27 & 57 for Coulsdon South (spacing even worse than we thought). At present there are no changes to rush hour services.

Fares from January Oyster Pay as you Go cards can be used to Redhill and GatwickAirport. This is an add on fare and sometimes the paper ticket especially for groups of three or more will still be cheaper. Accompanied children under the age of 11 can now also travel free on National Rail services in the London Zones.

Old Lodge Lane Bridge : Unfortunately due to bad weather and high winds the bridge replacement at Old Lodge lane was unable to be carried out and will have to be rescheduled


No change to local buses in the Coulsdon and Purley areas.  New Countdown signs have been provide at Coulsdon South Station in the Brighton Road for route 405 towards Redhill in Marlpit Lane for 60 & 404 to Old Coulsdon.

From 2012, all London Bus stops are now regarded as request stops and, if you want a bus to stop at a stop, you must indicate to the driver by waving your hand and you must ring the bell if you want to get off at the next stop. During the course of the year, the red request bus stop signs will disappear and all bus stops will become white bus stops and request stops.

TfL have now launched and APP that you can download to find out the time of buses at a stop near where you are using GPS technoligy. Also you can “text a stop for the next bus” All stops should now have a plaque that enables you to text 87287 with the stop plate number and within a minute they will text you back with the times of the next buses. This cost 12p to receive, but some networks also charge to send to 87287 (you do not have to be at the stop if you know your stop number you can text before you leave home). In addition you can also check your local route and stop from the internet log on to type in the stop number or the route number then select the direction and stop name from the map.

Fares In London: From January 2016 the daily all zone Travelcard will rise to £17.20  in the peak and remains at £12.10 in the off-peak. However, the Oyster cap has become a daily cap at £11.80 regardless of what time you travel. For Oyster users who travel travel twice or more in a week after 9.30 a.m. or 8 times or more in a month TfL will reimbuse their Oyster Card at the end of each month and credit it with the difference between £11.80 and £8.90 for any of those trips that started after 9.30 a.m.  The Oyster bus fare will rise to £1.50 and the daily cap will still apply at £4.50.

There is also now a new  One- Day bus and tram pass costing £5.00 which can be bought from local stations and newsagents.

Steam Trains: Orient Express

6th February – Victoria to Guildford.  Return to Victoria via Redhill – Loco Clan Line, Merchant Navy Class – Coulsdon South Approximately 15.15 p.m

12th March – Victoria to Guildford.  Return to Victoria via Redhill – Loco Clan Line, Merchant Navy Class – Coulsdon South Approximately 15.15 p.m

Note: These trains times and routes can be altered or cancelled at short notice, even on the day.  Trains may also run up to 15 minutes early or late.  A useful web side to check and for other steam trains –

January 2016

Train Stations

Coulsdon has three stations : Coulsdon South on the Redhill corridor of the Brighton Mainline. Coulsdon Town (formerly Smitham)  (fully accessible and has lifts to both platforms) and

Woodmansterne both on the Tattenham Corner branch of South London Metro services. All three stations are in Zone 6 of the London Travelcard Scheme and are operated by Southern Railway

COULSDON TOWN (formerly Smitham  Railway Station)

The Station new booking office was completed at the beginning of March 2010.  It has a new toilet and new cycle rack and has extended opening hours.

Useful contacts for travellers:

National Rail Enquiries – 08457 484950 –

London Buses Information  – 020 7222 1234 –

Trasnport for London :


This has been a great success in that all 41 new places have been occupied by 8.30am since the September. However, East Surrey Transport Committee raised the concerns about the price of £6.00 all day. As a result from Monday 6th January Southern have introduced a reduced price  to £5.20 and  £3.00 after 4.00  (16.00 hours) Monday to Friday for people going to London in the evenings. Saturdays to be £2.00 and Sunday and Bank Holidays £1.00 both all day

Coulsdon Area Buses

Coulsdon is in the Greater London Area and local bus services in Coulsdon and the surrounding area are operated by London Buses part of Transport for London (TfL). The Mayor for London also has responsibility for people travelling to and from London and TfL also operates cross boundary services into Surrey such as routes 166 & 405. These are operated as though they are London Buses and London fares apply including Travelcard and Bus Pass which are valid for the whole route as far as Redhill and Epsom.

The Coulsdon area : Has eight London bus routes these are made up of four trunk routes 60, 166, 405 and 466 all serving Croydon. Three local routes 404, 434 and 463 and one night route N68 which operates a 24-hour service in conjunction with route 60.

Route 60 : Old Coulsdon, Coulsdon, Purley, Brighton Road, Croydon, MaydayHospital, Thornton Heath, Pollards Hill and Streatham Common. Operates from 04.45am until 1.00am

Route 166 : Epsom (daytime) Banstead, Woodmansterne, ChipsteadValley, Coulsdon, Purley, Brighton Road, and Croydon. Operates from 06.30am to Midnight

Route 405 : Redhill, Hooley, Coulsdon, Purley, Pampisford Road, and Croydon. Operates from 06.30am to 11.30pm

Route 466 : Caterham on the Hill, Old Coulsdon, Stoats Nest, Purley, Brighton Road, Croydon, Shirley Park, AddingtonVillage. Operates from 06.00am to 1.00am

Route 404 : Caterham on the Hill, Caterham Drive,  Old Coulsdon, Rutherwick Rise and Coulsdon. Operates from 07.00am to 7.00pm Monday to Saturday .

Route 434 : Rickman Hill, Coulsdon, Woodcote Valley Road, Purley, Kenley, and Whyteleafe South Station. Operates from 7.00am to 8.00pm 434 now runs on Monday to Sundays and has anew timetable

Route 463 : Coulsdon South Station, Coulsdon, Clock House (the Mount), Wallington, Beddington Lane, Pollards Hill and Mitcham Eastfields. Operates from 06.30am to 12 Midnight.

Route N68 : Old Coulsdon, Coulsdon, East Croydon Station, Upper Norwood, Elephant and Castle, Waterloo, Holborn and Tottenham Court Road. Operates from 11.30pm to 04.30am

More information tel. 020 7222 1234

Timetables : London Buses provide information on all stops. They do not provide individual Timetables they only provide the time of the first and last bus and service pattern. However, if you would like an individual timetable for a particular route these can be down loaded from the following web site :

Other Services : Croydon

Croydon Accessible Transport (CATS)

Provides information and advice on accessible transport in Croydon and other London Boroughs. They also provides low cost accessible minibuses for use by community groups, organisations and individuals in the London Borough of Croydon.

Telephone: 020 8665 0861 (enquiries)
Telephone: 020 8683 1800 (bookings)
Fax: 020 8665 1972

Other Services :  Surrey County Council

The Netherne Community Bus is now up and running between Netherne and Coulsdon South station Monday to Friday and can now be used by non-Netherne residents. The fare is £1.50 (Concessionary passes are not valid). Bus leaves Netherne Drive at 7:10 am; 7:50; 8:25 and 9:10am (return to Netherne about 7 mins later). It leaves Coulsdon South at 5:30pm; 6:05pm and 7.00pm (buses start from Netherne about 10 mins earlier) a later bus may be added in the near future.