London Bus Fares; in the outer zones can be paid to the driver, but in the inner zone 1 a ticket must be purchased in advance. London Buses operates a flat fare system and the cost of a ticket is £2.45 per journey regardless of whether you travel one stop or the whole route including cross the boundary as far as Epsom and Redhill.

You can reduce this by either purchasing an Oystercard smartcard which you prepay in advance, this cost £5.00 deposit plus the amount you load on it. The cost of each bus journey is then reduced to £1.45 per journey if you make more than 4 journeys in a day.  Oyster caps itself at the Buss Pass or Travelcard price for any subsequent journeys on bus or rail journey.

Freedom Pass : Coulsdon Residents on reaching the national retirement age or with a permanent disability who live in the London Boroughs of Croydon or Sutton can obtain a Freedom pass provided by the London Councils. The application form can be obtained from the local Post Office. FreedomPass allows travel on the Buses, Trams and Docklands Light Rail and some Overground Rail Services 24 hours a day It also allows use of the Nation Rail network in London zones 1-6. From 09.30 (at Coulsdon Town and Woodmansterne and from 09.28 at Coulsdon South) Monday to Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Nationwide : In addition this pass can be used on any local service bus throughout England subject to local conditions normally after 9.00 or 9.30 am. Freedom Pass cannot be used in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

New 60+ Concessionary Travel Scheme: The Mayor Boris Johnson has introduced a new 60+ Concessionary Travel Scheme using a variation of the Oystercard from 1st November 2012 for those people over 60 years of age who no longer qualify for a Freedom Pass. The pass will have the same validity as a FreedomPass except that it will not be valid on buses outside London except for London routes such as 166 and 405. This pass can be obtained from the TfL website.  www.tfl.gov.uk/ There is an administrative charge of £10 and you will need to either fill in the form online and supply a digital photograph or print the form off and provide a passport photograph and take to a Post Office

For information on buses and other travel journeys outside London

You can contact the Traveline by phone 0871 200 22 33
or on the web www.traveline.org.uk


As all three station are both part of the National Rail network and are also in London, there are two different ticket regimes in place.

National Rail : You can buy a single or return ticket to or from any other national rail station you can also buy a ticket to any London underground stations. However, you cannot buy a cheap day return to any rail or underground station in London However, a Travelcard is often better value to a station that is in the London zones (See below).

TfL Oystercard: This is an electronic smartcard and comes in two forms

  1. The Season Ticket Version: This requires a photocard and is used in exactly the same way as a paper season ticket.
  2. Pay as You Go Chargecard: This works in the same way as a prepay mobile phone.You buy an Oystercard which requires a £5.00 deposit and load the card with what payment you think you will need. This can be done at newsagents such as Pandora in Coulsdon, Underground stations and some mainline stations. When the card is getting low you top it up. This can be done at newsagents in Coulsdon, local stations in Coulsdon, Underground stations or online from TfL at www.tfl.gov.uk/oyster. Useful ontacts for the traveller – www.oyster-rail.org.uk

How Does the Oystercard Work?  The Oyster will automatically deduct the far from your card when you pit it on the yellow touch pad on the ticket barrier, station entrance / exit, tram stop or bus ticket machine.  However, on railway journeys it automatically deducts the maximum fare until you ‘touch out’ then it reverts to the correct fare.  So it is always important to  ‘touch in and touch out’

Maximum Fare: The Oystercard will also cap the cost in any one day at the cost os a one day Bus Pass if you have only used buses and trams. If you have used a rail service at either a peak or off-peak Travelcard price for the zones you have travelled in when you hae used the Nataional Rail, Docklands Light Rail, the Overground or the Underground during the course of the day.

Difference between Paper Tickets and Oyster train tickets purchases at local stations.

The main difference are that Oyster fares are often a few pence cheaper.  However, it has two Monday to Friday peaks in the morning from 6.30am to 9.30am and in the evening from 16.00 to 19.00. If you travel between these times you will be charged the peak fare and the cap will be the Peak Travelcard peak.  If you travel outside these times the cap will be the Off-peak Travelcard price.

Note:These times apply to when you touch in and NOT the train time.

Passengers from the Coulsdon Area: Have an easement on the 9.30am cheap day rule on the 9.23am and the 9.28 am from Coulsdon South to East Croydon and London.  If you wish to catch these trains or travel after 9.30am and back between 16.30 pm and 19.00 pm and to make more than these 2 journeys, it will well be better to buy an off-peak paper Travelcard as these is no evening peak restriction.

Senior Railcard and Oyster: If you have a Senior Railcard you can have this programmed on to your Oystercard at an underground station.  This may be particularly useful if you live outside the GLA boundary and do not have a Freedom Pass.

National Rail Tickets: There are three types of national rail tickets:

  1. Advance : These are now only sold as single tickets and must be bought in advance and depending on how far in advance you purchase the ticket the greater the discount you will receive. Advance tickets can only be used on the train specified, although you may use any connecting service if it is not specified. As well as the ordinary advance ticket a number of train companies also have promotional advance ticket specific to their company only. This will require you to buy a separate ticket for any connecting services.
  2. Off-Peak : These come in two forms: for the London area and short journeys there are only day singles or returns. For longer distance such as Manchester there are day singles or monthly returns (This used to called a Saver ticket), this ticket will also include ( free of charge) a tube journey between any two London mainline terminals. As general rule these tickets can only be used after 9.30 am Monday to Friday or at any time Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays.
  3. However, there are some exceptions.
    • all off-peak tickets can also be used from Coulsdon South on the 9.23am train. From Euston after 9.15am and there is no restriction at all from Marylebone. Some train
    • companies also impose a restriction on off-peak tickets leaving London after 3.30pm until 7.00pm, but not Southern (please check each company).
    • Also if you have a long distance off-peak ticket such as Coulsdon South to Manchester this can be used on all trains from Coulsdon from the 5.30 am onwards so that
    • you can get to Euston or Reading via Redhill in time to catch the train there at the  earliest time after the restriction eg. 09.15am at Euston or 9.30am a Reading.
    •  Also you can break your journey on the return;  for example on a return journey from Manchester you could get off at Birmingham and resume your journey the same day
    • or any other day during the month validity of the ticket
    •  There is also a Super Off-peak ticket available on some routes, this cheaper but has more restricted use than ordinary off-peak tickets.
  4. Anytime Ticket : Singles or Returns; this is the most expensive ticket and is valid on any train at any time of day. You may break your journey in either direction, but you must complete the outward journey on the first day unless it is impossible, then you must complete the journey the following day leaving the station where you broke your journey the previous night before 12 noon on day two.
  5. Plus Bus : Over 250 towns and cities in Britain have added their bus services to train tickets. For example on a day trip to Brighton by asking for a Plusbus day return you can add the use of all the local buses for an extra £2.00 – £3.50. For more information www.plusbus.info

More info from National Rail : www.nationalrail.co.uk/simplefares

Travelcard is the London area ticket that can be used on Trains, Buses, Trams Docklands Light Rail (DLR) and the Underground in London zones 1 to 6 (a discount is also available on some River Thames boats)

Season Tickets: Can be purchased for two zones or any combination of consecutive zones.

One day Peak and Off-Peak Travelcards can be purchased for combinations of zones. From the Coulsdon South  there is now only one day ticket available.

  • All zones Travelcard (1-6)
  • One Day Travelcards are valid on night services until 04.30 a.m. the next morning.
  • One Day Travelcards cost £16.40 peak for use before 9.30 am Monday to Friday, Off-Peak Travelcards cost £8.90 and can bu used after 9.30 am Monday to Friday (but can be used on the 9.23 am and 9.28 a, at Coulsdon South) all day Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays.
  • However, if you travel in the peak the Oyster Card will now cap at £15.80 and if you travel after 09.30 a.n. it will cap at £8.50.  This is designed to encourage more people to use the Oyster Card


 Child Fares :
 Children under 5:  Travel free on bus, tram, DLR and train
 Children under 11:  Travel free on bus and underground but not on trains – must have a valid Oyster Zip Card (available from www.tfl.gov.uk)

Travelling By Eurostar

Eurostar connecting trains and tickets.

If you are using Eurostar from St Pancras Internationalyou can purchase a Euro standard ticket from Coulsdon South, CoulsdonTown or any other station to London

International. This has the advantage that it is marked CIV (Convention Internationale pour le transport des Voyageurs).

This has the added advantage that if your connecting train is delayed that Eurostar will have to put you an alternative train at no extra cost. This is particularly useful if you have a reduced price advance ticket. Without the CIV ticket Eurostar has no obligation to honour your ticket if it is for a specified train and you have missed it.

The ticket has two version with the underground £9.0 single and £18.0 return without the underground via Thameslink £6.60 and £13.20 return (it is the same price as ordinary tickets to London). The return portion is also valid for two months so you will not have to queue up at the booking office on your return. Normal discounts for senior and other cards apply if travelling after 9.30 weekdays or at the weekends.

You will need proof of your Eurostar journey to purchase this ticket

The London Freedom Pass

This Pass is supplied by the London Councils (all the London Boroughs and City of London) to residents of London.

There are two types of FreedomPass.

  1. The Disabled Pass is available to anybody with a qualifying disability (see website for full list) who lives in a London Borough and is part of the National disability scheme.
  2. The Pensioners Freedom Pass is available to residents of a London Borough who have reached the state pension age (until 2010 the qualifying age was 60).

    At present it is 61 but will rise to 62 in 2013 (see web site for details of eligibility).

Validity  London :

  • These passes can be used on all TfL services, Underground, Overground, Docklands Light Rail, Tram and all London buses including 405 to Redhill and 166 to Banstead and Epsom 24 hrs per day.
  • The pass can also be used on National Rail services in the London Zones from 9.30am until  4.30am Monday to Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday.
  • In addition you can obtain a discount on River services and the cable car.

Outside London :

  • The pass can be used on any scheduled buses in England, but not in Wales or Scotland. However, it is only valid at the times specified by the local authority

    e.g. in Surrey it cannot be used before 9.30 and after 23.00 (if you have an appointment at East Surrey Hospital before 9.30am you can use the 405 to Redhill, but will have to pay on the 100 or 400 bus)

    More information    http://londoncouncils.gov.uk/services/freedompass/default.htm

New 60+ Concessionary Travel Scheme:

The Mayor Boris Johnson has introduced a new 60+ Concessionary Travel Scheme using a variation of the Oystercard from 1st November 2012 for those people over 60 years of age who no longer qualify for a Freedom Pass.

The pass will have the same validity as a FreedomPass except that it will not be valid on buses outside London except for London routes such as 166 and 405.

This pass can be obtained from the TfL website.  www.tfl.gov.uk/. There is an administrative charge of £10 and you will need to either fill in the form online and supply a digital photograph or print the form off and provide a passport photograph and take to a Post Office

Taxis And Minicabs


As Coulsdon is in the GLA area Black cabs can be booked by phone or hailed in any street. – The nearest Black Cab Rank is at Purley Station


Thee are also two MiniCab private hire companies in Coulsdon registered with Transport for London.  They operate a range of minicabs and minibuses.

District Cars at Coulsdon South Station –

020 8668 6686

Coulsdon Cars – next to Waitrose near Coulsdon Town Station-

020 8660 6666   –  020 8668 0666  –