Coach Trips And Day Tours From Coulsdon

Two coach companies operate day trips, tours, city breaks and holidays and pick up from Coulsdon

Epsom Coaches

Epsom Coaches – operate day trips, city breaks and holiday tours and pick up at Coulsdon.  For holiday and city breaks where they are not picking up in Coulsdon, they will arrange a pick up from your home by mini-bus or taxi, A brochure can be viewed or obtained on line – – telephone 0372731705

Mayday Coaches

Mayday Coaches – Day trips and tours picks up at Coulsdon South Station. A Brochure cam be viewed or obtained on line – – telephone number 020 8680 5115

See download page for discounts for Residents Association members.

Steam Trains And Special Trains

During the course of the year there are a number of special trains including Steam trains that pass through Coulsdon

Steam Trains in Coulsdon :  

The Orient Express, Victoria to Guildford return via Redhill : Coulsdon South at approximately15.15 on

Saturday 17th December  2016.

Cathedrals Express Victoria to Salisbury & return via Redhill; Coulsdon South at approximately 09.20 & 21.40.

Tuesday 29th November 2016 :

Christmas Sussex Belle Victoria to Brighton and Hastings

Tuesday 6th December 2016  : Coulsdon South at approximately 11.00. The Bognor Belle Victoria to Bognor and  Littlehampton

Tuesday 13th December 2016. Coulsdon South at approximately 10.30.

Note : These trains times and routes can be altered or cancelled at short notice even on the day. Trains may also run up to 15 mins early or late. A useful web site to check these and other steam trains is :

Should Woodplace Lane Have A 20mph Speed Limit?

To all residents of Woodplace Lane, The Netherlands & Wilhemina Avenue  –

The amount of traffic using Woodplace Lane has risen over the last few years especially since the development of Netherne Village.  It is the view of many of us that the traffic drives far too fast for the limited visibility in the narrow part of the lane and this is dangerous to residents especially when using their drives, pedestrians and other road users including cyclist and horses that use Woodplace Lane to access the stables.

In 2010 a number of council were introducing 20mph zones in their areas as the government had relaxed the requirement to introduce other speed control measures at the same time such as road humps and speed tables which cost between £899 and £1000 each. East Coulsdon RA suggested that along with a couple of other roads in our area that Woodplace Lane should be made a 20mph Zone. We held a public meeting in 2010 and also met with Croydon Council Local councillors and the Police to discuss the problems of road safety in Woodplace Lane.

Although there was a strong support from local residents for a 20mph speed limit in these roads. Croydon Council said it was not their policy to introduce 20mph in Croydon other than outside schools, the two in Coulsdon being by the Schools in Jubilee Way and Keston Avenue Old Coulsdon.

Croydon did agree to introduce improved signage, chicane marking signs at the double bend and remark the white lines.  However, the problem of speeding persists and a number of serious accidents have occurred such as the one pictured here that happened in May this year. We believe there is now sufficient evidence to show that 20mph limits do reduce the number of accidents that happen on a particular stretch of road.

Croydon Council now has a new administration which is not so opposed to 20mph limits. If the majority of residents in these road would like to see a 20mph limit in Woodplace Lane.

If you agree, that Woodplace Lane should be 20 MPH please download and return the form from our download page to

ECRA  50 Reddown Road Coulsdon CR5 1AX or 

A23 – Brighton Road



The Historic Commercial Vehicle Rally from CrystalPalace to Brighton will pass through Coulsdon (should use town centre) and Hooley from about 8.00 to 10.30am on first Sunday in May


The London and Surrey Mini Owners will also pass through Coulsdon (using the Bypass) on their way to Brighton from about 9.30am in May

RAC Brighton to London Future Car Challenge  (for Hybride and Electric cars) on the first Saturday of November 2013 passing through Coulsdon late morning

Veteran London to Brighton Historic Car Rally (Old Crocks) from Hyde Park Palace to Brighton over 500 Veteran cars will pass through Coulsdon (should use the Town Centre) and Hooley from 8.00 am to 11.00 am  1st Sunday in November-  for more information use


GTR Proposed Timetable Consultation

From September to 6th December 2016 GTR are consulting on their proposed timetable for 2018 when the work on rebuilding London Bridge is complete and the full Thameslink service will be introduced. East Surrey Transport Committee which represents local rail users criticized and continued to make representation about the 2015 timetable and some of the early proposals for 2018 in their view the service provided for Coulsdon is worse than that previously provided in 2014.

The main criticisms of the 2015 timetable at Coulsdon South were : The loss of local services to Reigate and Tonbridge; No additional peak hour services; the lack of off-peak service to Victoria and extended journey times to central London. At Coulsdon Town it was the reduction in the number of off-peak trains. The main criticism for 2018 timetable was that all trains serving both Coulsdon Stations would come from north of Blackfriars and any disruption north of Blackfriars would mean that the service to Coulsdon stations would be disrupted for several hours, while most other stations on the network would have an alternative service starting from central London.

We are pleased that GTR have addressed these issues in their latest proposals and there is an improvement to services to the Coulsdon area. At Coulsdon South there is an additional peak hour train, local services to Reigate and Tonbridge are restored and an all-day off-peak service to Victoria. The Tattenham Corner and Caterham lines will now remain Southern Metro services. As a result at Coulsdon Town the off-peak service will be restored to 4 trains per hour along with a faster evening and Sunday service.

These are the main proposal that GTR are asking you comment on :

Coulsdon South  Trains per hour (tph)
Peaks hours Mon to Sat daytimes Evenings Sundays
6tph 4tph 3 tph 3tph
4 to London Bridge

2 will continue to Bedford and 2 to Peterborough

2 to London Bridge starting from Horsham and continuing to Peterborough 2 to London Bridge starting from Horsham and continuing to Peterborough 2 to London Bridge starting from Horsham and continuing to Peterborough
2 to Victoria 2 to Victoria Starting from Reigate or Tonbridge 1or 2 to Victoria  starting from Tonbridge 1 or 2 to Victoria  starting from Tonbridge


Coulsdon Town Trains per hour (tph)
Peaks hours Mon to Sat daytimes Evenings Sundays
4tph + 4tph 2 tph 2tph
2 to London Bridge

2 to Victoria

+ some West London line services


2 to London Bridge semi-fast

2 to Victoria all stations via Norwood Junction and Crystal Palace starting at Coulsdon Town

2 to London Bridge semi-fast 2 to London Bridge semi-fast
All joining with a Caterham portion at Purley All London Bridge trains joining with a Caterham portion at Purley All London Bridge trains joining with a Caterham portion at Purley All London Bridge trains joining with a Caterham portion at Purley

East Surrey Transport Committee is asking you to support these proposed changes and in particular are asking you to support the following changes :

Tattenham Corner line & Coulsdon Town
  1. Keeping The Caterham and Tattenham Corner line as part of Southern Metro services and to use only 5 coach trains. This will prevent these lines suffering major disruption when there are problems north of London Bridge. Question   19 Answer  : Yes
  2. Diverting the existing Victoria to Sutton via Crystal Palace and West Croydon off-peak service to Coulsdon Town. This will reinstate 4tph off peak at Coulsdon Town and Reedham. And provide an all stations Victoria service Question 58 Answer   : Yes

Also see West London Line 7 below

Coulsdon South
  1. Increase the peak hour service from 5tph to 6 tph (4 London Bridge & 2 Victoria) with 4 tph in the off-peak 2tph to Clapham Junction and Victoria & 2tph to London Bridge, Blackfriars, St Pancras, Finsbury Park and Peterborough. Also reintroduce a direct Reigate and Tonbridge service.  Questions 39 & 40 Answer : Yes
  2. An option to improve the evening and Sunday service from Victoria from 1tph to 2tph improving the service at Coulsdon South from 3tph to 4tph. Question 47  Answer  : Support first options with trains to Reigate and Tonbridge (this makes the off-peak and Sunday service consistent all week).
West London Line
  1. The consultation asks if peak West London line train should start or terminate at Selhurst, Purely or Coulsdon Town (as the 07.30 Coulsdon Town to Watford does now). We are asking you to support starting at Coulsdon Town Without the peak service at Coulsdon Town and Reedham would be reduced to 4tph. Question  63 Answer  Coulsdon Town
  2. Other Comments on West London Line? We are asking for the present hourly off-peak service from East Croydon to Watford via Shepherd’s Bush to be increase to 2tph. Question 64 Answer  : Increase the service to Watford to 2tph.

Are there any down side ?

  • There are very few but a couple Coulsdon South would lose its Sunday Bognor service but gain an extra train per hour.
  • Tattenham Corner trains would be slightly slower as they will join and divide all day with Caterham Train at Purley, but the evening and Sunday services with be consistent and faster.
  • There will be fewer stops at Norwood Junction.

You respond by emailing GTR at or by post  to GTR 2018 timetable Consultation, Eastside Offices, Kingscross station, London N1C 4AP or by filling in the questionnaire response form on the GTR web site using the guide above

If you require more information please email

Charles King   Chair :  East Surrey Transport Committee