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This is now part of Croydon Council’s Masterplan and the CCRUV the Council’s joint venture with Laing who intend to build a 25,000 – 30,000 sq. ft. supermarket on the site (this is about the same size as Sainsbury’s in Wallington and larger than Tesco in Caterham.

They also intend to combine this with a new health centre and clinic for use by local GPs in Coulsdon. They will also inc conjunction with Barratt Homes who are developing Cane Hill open a new footpath around the supermarket in what has be for planning purposes designated “Sam Street” (site of ancient monument) past the Surrey Iron Railway embankment which is listed by English Heritage as an Ancient Monument and across to Coulsdon South station by the steps under the bypass bridge. It is also intended to divert the London Loop circular walk along this new route.

 Planning application

13/02178/P - http://planning.croydon.gov.uk/DCWebPages/AcolNetCGI.gov?ACTION=UNWRAP&RIPNAME=Root.PgeResultDetail&TheSystemkey=136786 was approved by the Council on the 3rd April 2014 but the Decision Notice was not issued until the middle of July which allows the development to go ahead.

ECRA  has expressed a number of concerns about this development. See download for ECRA's response. These include :

·        The linkage to the rest of the town centre we are concerned that shoppers will come to supermarket and shop and then leave without visiting the town centre.

·        The loss of all day parking, both for commuting and those working in the town centre.

·        The loss of other uses of the car park including recycling, and coaches dropping off and picking up exchange students.

·        The increased traffic in Lion Green Road and the ability of pedestrians to cross Lion Green Road safely.



Barrattt meetings.jpg

Baratt Homes have  submitted a hybrid planning application to the London Borough of Croydon which was approved by the Council on the 3rd April 2014..  However the Decision Notice has not yet  (4th August) been issued by the Council so development cannot begin until it has.The submission comprises of an outline planning application for the whole development, plus a detailed planning application for the first phase comprising of 187 new homes.

You can view and comment on the full application on the London Borough of Croydon website, please click here for more information. Please also refer to Barrett's  website www.canehill.info for further details on the planned development.


Planning Application- 13/02527/P - http://planning.croydon.gov.uk/DCWebPages/AcolNetCGI.gov?ACTION=UNWRAP&RIPNAME=Root.PgeResultDetail&TheSystemkey=137135 . There are very many plans on the website but they still only show the primary access onto Marlpit Lane Roundabout. No access shown at Southern Roundabout but 3 secondary accesses shown which could go on to the By-pass . - see download page for ECRA's response to the Cane Hill Application. ECRA have objected to the application but only on traffic and parking issues.


Go to the download page of this website to see ECRA's response to the planning application