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Lion Green Road Car Park to Close in November


ECRA, along with the other RAs and Business Groups succesfully are oposed the closure prior to the Christmas trading period and Yulefest. Currently the car park will start to close in the New Year 2015

Cane Hill


The Secretary of State in August 2014 has agreed this planing application can go ahead.  ECRA, along with the other RAs and Business Groups are still continuing to campaign for a exit direct onto the By-Pass

Pigeon Droppings in Town Centre Under Coulsdon Town Centre Railway Bridge


In February 2014, the Council withdrew the steam cleaning of the pavement due to their cuts.  This has resulted in the pavement being in an appalling dirty mess and ahealth hazzard.  ECRAalong with the other RAs and business groups are pressing the new adminstration in Croydon to re-introduce the steam cleaning under this and other railway briadges.  We are also pressing Network Rail to improve the pigeon croofing of this an other bridges in the area to prevent the pigeons gaining access. We continue to press for this to be done

Changes to First and Last Post Collections


ECRA wrote to the CEX of the Royal Mail protesting at the stickers which appears on a good proportion of Coulsdon Post Boxes stating that collection time would be 9.a.m. only.  Richard Ottaway MP and Steve O'Connell GLA Member also wrote protesting at these changes.  Her response is that, on low usage boxes collection will be between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. depending on where on the post round  they are sited and that these boxes are within half a mile of another box with later delivery times.  Rather than decommissioning uneconomic post boxes by these actions they are improving the cost effectiveness of collections. She also says that they will go through the delivery system in exactly the same way and delivery times will not be affected.