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GoVia to Cut Train Service - WE NEED YOUR HELP



Trains : December 2015 Timetable

At the time of writing although we have not seen the final published timetable for Dec 2015. We are given to believe that even though over 400 people from Coulsdon complained to GTR about the loss of Stops in the Reigate and Tonbridge service at Coulsdon South and the loss of the Tattenham Corner shuttles. They are not going to make any changes. Nor are they going to provide an additional peak hour trains at Coulsdon South as they said they would. East Surrey Transport Committee also conducted a survey of over 1000 off-peak passengers at Coulsdon South and undertook a number of surveys on the Tattenham Corner shuttle trains.  These showed an overwhelming demand for these trains to continue to stop at Coulsdon South and at least the first and last Shuttle trains to continue.

We are asking you again to protest about this treatment of Coulsdon the only area that ends up with worse services than now. By completing the on line petition at www.eastcoulsdon.co.uk - By emailing the GTR Chief Operating  Diane Crowther Dyan.Crowther@GTRailway.com Chris Philp MP chris.philp.mp@parliament.uk Steve O’Connell GLA member. steve.o'connell@london.gov.uk

Please sign our petiton on the Transport Page by emailing your contact detail to  info@eastcoulsdon.co.uk




ECRA, along with the other RAs and Business Groups succesfully were oposed the closure as we knew thise would caused problems for local businesses, shoppers and commuters alike.  However, the closure has gone ahead and, after representations by the Coulsdon RAs, we are pleased to say that the Council has agreed to convert part of the Calat Centre Car Park as short term shoppers car park. but as yet (1sr September ) no planning application has been submitted.

Cane Hill


The Secretary of State in August 2014 has agreed this planing application can go ahead.  ECRA, along with the other RAs and Business Groups are still continuing to campaign for a exit direct onto the By-Pass. Development is on hold until the appear period of the Judicial Review is passed.

Pigeon Droppings in Town Centre Under Coulsdon Town Centre Railway Bridge


In February 2014, the Council withdrew the steam cleaning of the pavement due to their cuts.  This has resulted in the pavement being in an appalling dirty mess and ahealth hazzard.  ECRAalong with the other RAs and business groups are pressing the new adminstration in Croydon to re-introduce the steam cleaning under this and other railway briadges.  We are also pressing Network Rail to improve the pigeon proofing of this and other bridges in the area to prevent the pigeons gaining access. We continue to press for this to be done.  They have imporoved but has not resolved the problem.  We are therefore pressing for further improvements.