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Whilst not against Cane Hill Development in principle, without the exit onto the A23 the development will cause traffic chaos in Coulsdon with just the exit onto Marlpit Lane Roundabout and a much smaller one onto Portlnalls Road which will affect the roads on the other side of the development, Chipstead Valley Road and ChipsteadVillage..  For those living on the development and wanting to go north towards Croydon and south towards the M25 / M23 if there was an exit onto the By-Pass then they would miss snarling up Coulsdon.  Already, despite the development only partially being completed and due to the other many developments there have been in Coulsdon, there is an increase in traffic and this can only get worse.

ECRA is therefore asking, should you agree that there is a need for an exit onto the By-pass and that you put in an objection against the 6 planning applications which have been put in for the next stage so that there are enough objections and this will go to the Planning Committee.  At the moment the Council are planning to make the decision by Delegated Business (made by the Planners behind closed doors).

We suggest something on the lines of

“We / I object to the Cane Hill Planning applications 16/01707/DT   – 16/01767/RES – 16/01764/RES  – 16/01770/RES  – 16/01773/RES  – 16/01768/RES  on the grounds that there is no access direct to the A23 Coulsdon Bypass and without this exit the traffic in the town centre and local roads will be in tolerable and grind Coulsdon to a standstill at peak and school times. Traffic in Coulsdon with all the development in and around the town centre has risen far beyond that envisaged when the original planning application was approved.” ………………Plus anything else you may want to add or take from the letters attached

.I also attached the Joint letter of objection sent from the 4 Residents Associations in Coulsdon and the letter from Chipstead Residents’ Association. Surrey County Council have also sent in objection.

Please either write or email and copy to your Councillors, Steve O’Connell and Chris Philp MP, Councillor Tony Newman, leader of the Council and Catherine Radziwonik, Croydon Regeneration Manager.

Laura Field. Case Officer
Development Management
Planning Dept
Bernard Weatherill House
8 Mint Walk
Croydon CR0 1EA




If you wish to investigate current or decided Planning Application you can do so on The London Borough of Croydon’s website – just follow this link and fill in the details – address of, if you know it the Planning Application Number  omitting the year and the /P and only entering the five figure unique number. The Council have a new IT prov ider and I do no think this new site is as good as the old but you can obtain information from there. by clicking on the various boxes at the top for different sorts of searches.  You can obtain a single planning application or for a particular address or, in the advanced search a range of dates.

You can also obtain Planning Applications forms via this link from LBC or you can submit through The Planning Portal  which enables you to submit Planning Applications electronically.

The Portal also contains other useful planning information such as Development Plans and Proposals Maps for over 50 planning authority areas across the UK, including the London Borough of Croydon (these are statutory documents prepared by local planning authorities that set out the guidelines for local development); planning contacts in your local area, information on how the planning system works, relevant planning regulations and guidance notes; information on how to determine if planning permission is required, how you go about obtaining it and appeal procedures and the latest planning news and information on job vacancies in planning. .

The Interactive House and Interactive Terraced House are also there but you can access directly if you follow the links below.


interactive House_0.jpg
The Planning Portal have an Interactive House and an Interactive Terraced House on their website which can help guide you and give advice on what requires approval from the Local Authority and what is permitted development. You just need to point your pointer on screen to any part of the house and a short Guidance Note will appear from which you can follow the links to more detailed advice should you wish.:-


Article in The Review by Graham Lomas, former Chair of the Neighbourhood Partnership, Chair of Friends of Farthing Downs and Committee Member of ECRA

See under Green Belt.


4 and 4(b) REDDOWN ROAD

This application has been approved on Appeal to the Planning Inspector  for  the ‘Demolition of the existing buildings; erection of a part three and part four storey building comprising 12 two bedroom flats and a block of 5 garages; provision of associated parking ‘  which ECRA supported , as it did for the previous failed applications for this site because  we believe that the existing two properties are life expired and demolition and construction of the new high quality flats for purchase is a good use of the site. and that Coulsdon is lacking in one and two bedroom quality flats that are suitable for both young professional people and/or older couples who want to down size, but remain in the area as long as this does not result in over development and out of character buildings. Hoardings have gone up so we expect building to start soon