Committee Members

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Charles King – Chairman

Charlie King photo_3.jpg

Charles King MBE was voted in as Chair of ECRA at the June 2007 AGM and has been a member of the Committee since 1994

He has worked as a policy officer for the GMB trade union since 1994 and before this he worked for British Gas.

He was also a member of London Travelwatch for 25 years and Deputy Chair for the 6 years retiring in 2006. in the 2007 New Years Honour’s List he received an MBE for services to Public Transport.

He is also the Chair of the local transport user Group the East Surrey Transport Committee which represents rail and bus passengers in the south of the Borough of Croydon and North East Surrey.

Gill Hickson – Vice-Chair

Gill Photo 2 - for web_0.JPG

Gill  has lived in Coulsdon 26 years. I was born in Croydon, the 8th of 9 children. I live in Mead Way and am interested in politics, people, dogs and travel.  I was a parent governer at Coulsdon High and volunteered for a year at Oasis Academy. I’m passionate about the area and volunteering and have joined Marlpit Bowling Green and stood as Liberal Candidate in the 2014 elections. ,

Maureen Levy – Secretary & Website

Maureen Levy photo_0.jpg

Maureen  joined ECRA in November 2005 having lived in Coulsdon since  1978.  Almost immediately taking over the job of taking minutes and officially became Secretary at the AGM in June 2006.

She worked for both Croydon and Sutton’s Planning Departments..  She did an Open Uniiverity Degree whilst Credit Manager of The Croydon Advertiser and worked as a National Contract s Adminstrator for the Facility Management Company of M & S.

She is on the Committees for Coulsdon Forum,  Friends of  Farthing Downs, Friends of Marlpit Lane Bowling Green, Member of the Coulsdon Police Panel.. PPG for OCMP

She is also  deals with planning issues and has set up and runs  the ECRA website.  .

Bob Bird – Treasurer

David Bird_0.jpg

Elected Treasurer at the 2014 AGM.  Robert moved to Croydon in 1977, then to Old Coulsdon in 1984 and then to Coulsdon in 1987. After spending 47 years working in the City as an Accountant/Company Secretary, he took early retired in 2012 to take part in the Olympics as a volunteer Games Maker.

Alison Sleight – Joint Review Editor

Alison was elected onto the ECRA Committe on the 18th June 2014.  Prior to this she had been a guest on the committee and had been helping with the editorship of The Review.

She has been a Coulsdon resident for nearly forty years and volunteered for ECRA as I she  wanted to get involved in the local community to ensure that Coulsdon remains a great place to live and work.

After many years of working for large, corporate businesses in direct marketing, database management and client account management,   after the birth of her daughter to become a stay-at-home parent and enjoy spending time with her in the local parks and countryside, as well as the great variety of toddler groups and classes in the area.  Other interests include reading, history and crochet (very much at a beginner level!).

Eric Jeninson – Joint Review Editor

Eric Jenkinson_0.jpg

Eric was elected onto the ECRA Committe on the 18th June 2014.  Prior to this he had been a guest on the committee and had been helping with the editorship of The Review , photography, music and the theatre.  He has lived in Coulsdon for three years and has an inquisitive interest in developments affecting the town and the area.  He is married to Máire and have two sons.

He retired almost three years ago after a career in the Diplomatic Service serving  mainly in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia and Iran.  He also went to mainland Europe, South-east Asia and latterly to West Africa and the Caribbean where he was British High Commissioner to The Gambia, and, most recently, British High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago.  Interested in  politics, writing, gardening

Alex Martin – Committee Member

Alex Martin photo_0.jpg

Alex Martin has been a member of ECRA since 2004.

Launched Coulsdon Green Belt Action Group in 2003, raising funds to stop two plots of greenbelt land being sold off at auction by the Council. These plots are now incorporated into Farthing Downs. She then joined Graham in The Celebrating Coulsdon initiative.

Graham Lomas – Committee Member

Graham Lomas photo_0.jpg

Graham Lomas has been a member of ECRA since 2004.

He was a very capable Chair of The Coulsdon Neighbourhood Partnership but stepped to one side when his 2 year stint was up and took the position of Vice-Chair. He is still very active in the Neighbourhood Partnership and ably supports Elizabeth Radcliffe who became Chair in 2007.

He was one of the main people in Coulsdon Green Belt Action Group in 2003 and steered Celebrating Coulsdon surrounding the opening of the by pass and helps raise the profile of the town centre.

Maxine Leyland – Committee Member

Maxine Leyland_0.JPG

Maine is an ECRA Committee Member who joined the Committee in June 2010


Neil Marshall – Committee Member & Facebook

Neil's photo_0.JPG

Neil grew up in Sutton and went to school in Purley.  He recently moved to Counsdon in December 2010 and is looking forward to settling down with his new family and having adventures on Farthing Downs.  He works in the Development Planning Industry  and hopes to provide useful tips and support for the local community.

Scott Freeman – Committee Member

Scott was elected onto the ECRA Committe on the 18th June 2014.  Prior to this he had been a guest on the committee  He is also a Scout Leadeer with the 1st Coulsdon Scouts who meet at the rear of Lion Green Road Car Park and is also a steward at Chelsea Footbal Club.

Chris Worrell – Committee Member

Chris  is an ECRA Committee Member who joined the Committee in June 2015

James Kiamtia-Cooper – Committtee Member

James is an ECRA Committee Member who joined the Committee in June 2016






1.       The  Association shall be called ‘THE EAST COULSDON RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION’

2.       OBJECTS :

(a)    To advance and protect the interests of the Residents and preserve the amenities of the district.

(b)   To ascertain the opinions of the Residents and to lay such opinions before the appropriate Authority when desirable.

(c)    To promote such cultural and social activities as may from time to time be deemed desirable.

(d)   To co-operate with other Organisations in any of the foregoing objects.

3.       The Association shall be non-party and non-sectarian.

4.       All adult Residents in the East Coulsdon Ward shall be eligible for membership.  Former residents in the ward shall be eligible for Honorary Membership on payment of 25p per annum, but shall have no power to vote.

5.       The minimum annual subscriptions shall be such as is recommended by the Committee and approved by the A.G.M., which shall cover all members of the same family unit resident at the same address.  Subscriptions are due on 1st July in each year and payment thereof shall constitute membership.

6.       The Officers of the Association shall be a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, and such Assistant Honorary Secretaries and/or Treasurers as may be considered necessary, all of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

7.       The Executive Committee shall consist of the Officers, together with such  fifteen other members  as the Annual General Meeting  shall determine, five to  form a quorum. The Executive Committee shall hold meetings as required, and shall have power to co-opt members either to fill vacancies on the Committee or in a consultative capacity.

8.       Any nominations for Officers, other members of the Committee and Honorary Auditors made before the Annual General Meeting must be in the hands of the Honorary Secretary in writing seven clear days prior to the date of that meeting.

9.       The Annual General Meeting shall be held in May or June.  Further General Meetings shall be held whenever the Executive Committee so decided.

10.   A Special General Meeting may be called at any time on application in writing, stating the object for which such General Meeting is desired and signed by not less than twenty  members.  No business other than that stated on the Agenda shall be dealt with at the Meeting.

11.   The Audited Accounts for the previous year ended 31st March shall be presented to the Annual General Meeting and two Honorary Auditors shall be elected at that meeting to act for the current year.

12.   Notice of each Annual General meeting with the Agenda and Audited Accounts shall be delivered to members at least fourteen days prior to the date of the meeting.  At least seven clear days’ notice shall be given of other General Meetings.

13.   The Association shall not be dissolved except by the vote of two-thirds of the members present and voting at a General Meeting, on the Agenda of which shall appear the question of dissolution.

14.   No alteration to these Rules shall be made except by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting at a General Meeting, on the Agenda of which shall appear the proposed alterations.  No Rule shall be amended within twelve months of a previous decision on a proposal to amend such Rule, except upon the recommendations of the Executive Committee and all notices of suggested alterations shall be sent to the Honorary Secretary in writing.

15.   The Executive Committee shall have the power to discuss and act upon any matter consistent with Rules 2 and 3.

16.   The Executive Committee shall have the power to appoint sub-committees as may be deemed advisable for special purposes, and if considered necessary may co-opt on such sub-committees any member or members of the Association.  The Chairman and Secretary of the Association shall be ex-officio members of all sub-committees.

17.   Decisions at General or Committee Meetings, except where otherwise provided for in these Rules, shall be taken by a simple majority vote of members present and voting.  Voting shall be by show of hands unless a ballot is demanded by at least a third of the members present.

Addition to paragraph 6 (9 June 1993)

“The normal period in office for the Chairman and Vice-Chairman shall not be more than three consecutive years with the proviso that should the majority of the Executive Committee so recommend, this term can be extended by not more than a further year, in each case subject to the officer being nominated and re-elected at the Annual General Meeting.  On the conclusion of the period in office, neither the Chairman nor the Vice-Chairman shall be re-elected to that same office within one year.”

Note : It was agreed at the June  2009 AGM to remove this paragraph in 2010