Overgrown trees

A reminder to residents that trees and hedgerows require maintenance.

The glorious summer weather brings the opportunity and the necessity of maintaining our gardens.

We are fortunate to live in a particularly green area of the borough.  However, what may be pleasing to some people can cause issues and a nuisance to neighbours, especially if vegetation is hanging over public footpaths.  Overgrown hedges, for example, can mean that those on mobility scooters or those with child buggies may have to venture into the road just to pass that large bush that may be being cultivated for the next Chelsea Flower Show!  If you live close to a road junction, please also consider that overgrown trees can hamper vision and potentially be a contributing factor in accidents.

Trees and hedges in our back gardens, especially if their height can negatively affect a neighbour’s enjoyment of sunlight, also need to be cut back and maintained.  Croydon Council suggest that hedge growth is kept below the 2 metre mark, so please do consider the impact on your neighbours on either side and on the neighbour whose garden backs on to yours.

We live in such a beautiful part of the country, surrounded by woodland and stunning gardens, however, with such beauty comes responsibility too.  So, on behalf of our members, all we ask is that you take the time to maintain hedges and trees so that they don’t become a nuisance to your neighbours.



Thank you to everyone for assisting with the collection of evidence for the parks and green spaces.  There was a tremendous response with approximately 250 additional green sites around the Borough suggested that people believe should be considered for Local Green Space designation.

The next step is to match together data from the main survey together with the Evidence and Evaluation forms that were completed and ensure each green site has its own evidence piece.  The compilation of evidence pieces will be available to view during the autumn consultation period.  Meeting the third criteria of ‘being of particular significance to the community’ will be the focus of analysis because this is the criteria the Planning Inspector is most likely to review closely.  Ahead of the consultation period, a list of sites believed to be in need of further evidence will be compiled to demonstrate this criteria.  Opportunity within the consultation period will be made for the evidence to be submitted.

Croydon Council’s Authotities Monitoring Report has now been updated and can be viewed following the link below:




A planning application has been made proposing the demolition of TWELVE terraced family homes  on Whytecliffe Road South (The road on which the main entrance to Purley station  on) to make way for an enormous 8- STOREY APARTMENT BLOCK WITH 106 FLATS!

This is not in keeping with the local area and the parking and traffic in Purley will be made even more terrible, plus the privacy of the residents etc will be completely lost.  This is the row of houses on the approach to Purley train station which they propose knocking down.  Further information and the location can be viewed here:


Please submit your objections and comments online here:

https://publicaccess3.croydon.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=makeComment&keyVal=PU6D1LJLMNS00 OR you can email: quoting application number: 19/03142/FUL.



A Publication by the Residents’ Associations in the South of the Borough

 Introduction and Background

Representatives from the Residents Associations (RAs) of Hartley & District, Old Coulsdon, Coulsdon West, East Coulsdon, Kenley & District, Purley & Woodcote, Sanderstead and Riddlesdown have been in discussions with the Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) regarding the provision of urgent care facilities within the Borough of Croydon and in particular regarding Purley Hospital. The RAs have had several meetings with the CCG, involved Croydon HealthWatch, local MP Chris Philp and have also written to Jeremy Hunt, MP; the Secretary of State for Health. However, following a re procurement report issued by Croydon CCG on 1 September 2015, the RAs have now on 20 October 2015 wrote to all 16 Croydon CCG Governing Board members expressing grave concerns about this report; a summary of which is below.

In January 2016, the 16 members of the Croydon CCG Governing Body will be asked to make a decision on the future of urgent care provision in Croydon. This is a once in a generation opportunity to provide a comprehensive and effective urgent care system for Croydon. The Governing Body will be asked to make this decision on the basis of a CCG re procurement report dated 1 September 2015. This report gives 8 scenarios, which appear to polarise the decision between Walk-in Urgent Care provided at GP practices, or at Minor Injuries Units. The RAs believe there is another option, which is a combination of extended GP practices and a walk-in Urgent Care Centre at Purley Hospital.

Purley Hospital was redeveloped with £11m of public money in 2012/13 to provide improved outpatient facilities and an Urgent Care Centre for the local population. The redevelopment was conceived with the intention of providing a walk-in urgent care facility, and hence the site is already suitable:

We are pleased to report that the CCG agreed to place one of the GB Hubs which they commissioned to replace Urgent Care Centre and which reflect what was already available at the Urgent Care Centre. 8 amd to 8 p.m.


Pigeon Droppings in Town Centre Under Coulsdon Town Centre Railway Bridge

In February 2014, the Council withdrew the steam cleaning of the pavement due to their cuts.  This has resulted in the pavement being in an appalling dirty mess and a health hazard.  ECRA along with the other RAs and business groups are pressing the new administration in Croydon to re-introduce the steam cleaning under this and other railway bridges.  We are also pressing Network Rail to improve the pigeon proofing of this and other bridges in the area to prevent the pigeons gaining access. We continue to press for this to be done.  They have improved but has not resolved the problem.  We are therefore pressing for further improvements.