From 28th June 2021 you can buy a Flexible season ticket for the train.

Flexi Season Ticket

“Commute your way, with the new Flexi Season ticket on Smartcard”

This will allow travel on 8 separate occasions within a 28 day period. However, in our area you will need to have GTR Keycard.

It does not apply to journeys wholly in the London zones as Oyster, bankcard already has a daily and weekly cap.

You can buy from Coulsdon to a station outside London such as Coulsdon South to Reigate or Coulsdon South to Crawley.

However, if you travel 4 days or more an ordinary season will usually be better value as you can travel on other days of the week free.

If you do different days and different times a combination of a new flexible season and off-peak returns may also be better value.

For more information and a season ticket calculator visit the Southern Railway site.