New flexible season ticket

From 28th June 2021 you can buy a Flexible season ticket for the train.

Flexi Season Ticket

“Commute your way, with the new Flexi Season ticket on Smartcard”

This will allow travel on 8 separate occasions within a 28 day period. However, in our area you will need to have GTR Keycard.

It does not apply to journeys wholly in the London zones as Oyster, bankcard already has a daily and weekly cap.

You can buy from Coulsdon to a station outside London such as Coulsdon South to Reigate or Coulsdon South to Crawley.

However, if you travel 4 days or more an ordinary season will usually be better value as you can travel on other days of the week free.

If you do different days and different times a combination of a new flexible season and off-peak returns may also be better value.

For more information and a season ticket calculator visit the Southern Railway site.

Local train services reduced

Due to the new Covid restrictions local trains services  will be reduced at both Coulsdon South and Coulsdon Town stations from Monday 18th January 2021.

In general a number of early and late services will be cancelled.

At Coulsdon South the Thameslink Horsham to Peterborough service will be reduced to hourly.

The Southern Reigate trains will continue to be every 30 minutes.

At Coulsdon Town the Tattenham Corner service will be reduced to an hourly shuttle service to Purley.

There will be some additional trains in the off peak and evening  to and from London Bridge all stations to Coulsdon Town.

Please check on Southern, Thameslink and National Rail web sites and apps before travelling.

The temporary timetable can be downloaded from the Southern web site:

TfL Proposed Changes to bus routes in Sutton and Croydon

TfL have made proposals to change bus routes in Sutton and Croydon. There are a few changes which we believe can be improved upon. 

The changes that affect Coulsdon are :

  • They intend to withdraw route 455 from Old Lodge Lane to Croydon via Pampisford Road and then on to Wallington via Wandle Valley and Roundshaw – as this route is very long, unreliable and difficult to regulate.
  • They intend to extend the 312 from South Croydon to Old Lodge Lane.
  • Divert the 166 round the Purley loop, along Pampisford Road and via South Croydon station.
  • Route 434 Coulsdon To Whyteleafe South to extend Caterham, but via a diversion to the top of Kenley adding 5 minutes to the journey time.

The change to the 166 will add anything up to 8 minutes on the journey to Croydon and will lose its Purley Town centre and Purley Hospital Stops.

The extension of route 434 to Caterham is positive but should continue to be via the existing  Northwood Avenue route.

You can object / give feedback by filling in the questionnaire on the TfL consultation web site, by email to  or write to FREEPOST TFL CONSULTATIONS (Ref: Sutton – Croydon bus changes)


School buses From 1st September 2020

From the start of the autumn school term TFL are requesting that school buses (starting with a 6**) are used only by school children. In our area: 612, 627, 633, 654,  663, 664, 685 and 689.

Some other buses will also become dedicated school buses around school times. This will include the 60 and 466 that start from the Oasis Academy in Old Coulsdon and the 405 from Harris Academy.

In addition, some buses on the following routes will at school times have some buses dedicated for school children and some for ordinary passengers. In our area: 60, 109, 127, 154, 157, 194, 197, 198, 289, 312, 410, 466 & 468.

The following local buses will have additional buses at school time: 130, 405, 434, 455, & 463.

All children over the age of 11 unless exempt will have to wear a face covering.

At present fares for 11 to 16 year olds will remain free for children with a zip card.

More information from TfL web site

Transport update – as of 18 May 2020

There are major changes to the transport system in and around London from Monday 18 May 2020 due to easing of the lockdown.

The Government, the London Mayor and Croydon Council are encouraging people to cycle and walk where possible. To encourage this the Mayor is restricting a number of street in Central London to pedestrians, cyclist and buses only.

Croydon Council is experimenting with blocking off the a number of streets with large flower planter to allow access but not through traffic.

The central Congestion charge and Ultra Low emission zone charges will be reintroduced on Monday 18th May 2020.

The Congestion charge zone will increase to £15.00 and the hours extended from 22nd June 2020.

The Government have agreed to a mixture of grants and Loans to TfL to cover the major short fall in fares. However, this has conditions:

  • The Mayor puts up fares.
  • The Freedom Pass can no longer be used in Peak hours (at this stage it is not clear if that is just before 09.30 or includes the evening peak).
  • Children between the ages of 11 & 18 will have to pay fares (again this is not clear if it is all day or just peak hours)

Entry and exit to buses will continue to be by the centre door.

Rail Services

Both GTR and TfL offer enhanced services from Monday which means in general moving from a Sunday service to a Saturday service.

Some longer distance trains services are asking you to book a seat in advance.

The advice remains the same.

Where possible work from home.
Use cycling and walking where possible.
Try to avoid using the car.
Avoid public transport if you can leaving it for essential journeys only.

If you need to use Public transport please the use the following advice:

  • Travel outside the peaks
  • Wash your hands before and after the journey
  • Wear a face mask
  • Try and keep social distancing
  • Do not eat on short train journeys
  • If possible carry a hand sensitiser