The London Mayor and the government have now come to an agreement over funding of TfL. The Mayor will also obtain some additional funding from the GLA. However, in the agreement TfL still needs to raise additional Funds. One of the ways they are proposing to do this is to withdraw the One-day paper travelcard. The travelcard has been the main integrated ticket for travel on all forms of transport in London for the last 40 years.

TfL would seem to accept there is a need for an integrated ticket in the zones as they will keep the all-day capping on Oyster and bank cards. To travel in London, you will need either an Oyster card or a Bankcard. Otherwise you will need a separate ticket for each leg of the journey.

The main problem would seem to affect children and families taking a day out in London which could be become complex, financially expensive or even prohibitive.

This means to obtain off-peak child fares, children will have to have a child Zip Oyster photocard. This requires a £14.00 admin fee and a digital photo and can only be obtained online and can take up to 10 days to arrive. Most children in London who need to use public transport already have Zip Oyster photocards. It is those that do not use public transport and don’t have a Zip Oyster photocard and want to make the occasion journeys that will be negatively impacted by the proposed changes.

This will apply equally as the move to cashless bus fares, to those visitors from outside London. They will have to buy single tickets and will not be able to use the bus. You can engage with the consultation be visiting the TfL Have Your Say website: Engagement to withdraw Day Travelcards | Have Your Say Transport for London ( East Surrey Transport Committee have objected and are asking you to object and contact London TravelWatch .