COVID / East Coulsdon update May 2022

Covid Update : People over the age 75 and those with immune deficiencies are now able to have a 4th Covid Booster Vaccination. To check if you are eligible and to book an appointment you need to go to the NHS web site or you can phone 119.

It is pleasing to see that the Vaccination Centre at St Aidan’s in Chipstead Valley Road run by Valley Pharmacy  020 8939 7926 is open on a number of days per week.

We would like to thank Valley Pharmacy for setting up this local facility and excellent work they have done on our behalf. In the 18months to April 2022 they have administered over 70,000 vaccine injections.

How to get your COVID-19 vaccination, January 2021

Accessible text version:

If you are over 80 there are three ways you might be contacted to get your vaccination. Please do not try to book a vaccination if you have not received a letter.

  1. Using a local GP service: GP services are working together in your area to vaccinate as many people as possible. You may be contacted by a different surgery to the one you usually go to.
  2. Local hospital services: You might be contacted to have the vaccination as an inpatient or outpatient. 
  3. At a vaccination centre: If you live within 30 to 45 minutes of a vaccination centre, and haven’t already been vaccinated, you have have received a letter asking you to book an appointment online at Or if you can’t access the NHS website you can call 119 free of charge.

If you can’t travel to a vaccination centre, or there is another reason you can’t book an appointment at the nearest vaccination centre, you can choose to wait until your local GP services contact you if they haven’t already. If this is your preferred option – you don’t need to do anything now – wait for your GP service to make contact. More locations will become available through or 119 in the coming weeks so you could also try again there later.

If you receive a letter and already have an appointment booked to have your vaccination at a local service please ignore the letter. There is nothing you need to do and please attend your appointment. 

If you have had your first jab, you will be contacted about getting your second. 

For more information visit: