Notice From Croydon Council – Works On Brighton Road /ALDI Roundabout

The remedial  road works in the centre of the town have now been  completed and on the first tranche has been completed to a better standard.  The underlining problem of the after leak has now been repaired.

The water leak from the toilets has finally been switched off to prevent water flooding out but we are still waiting for the toilet to be repaired AGAIN.

ECRA will continue to press the Council  to repair the numerous trip hazards  and paving stones.

Lion Green Car Park

It is clear that the original scheme to build a Waitrose supermarket and a medical centre is no longer going to happen in the CCURV proposed Planning Permission.  This is because CCURV are no longer in existence and Waitrose are no longer interested in the site.

Croydon Council have indicated that they would like to put housing on part of the site and another type of supermarket have indicated an interest in the site.  In the Residents’ Associations discussions with Croydon Council, they have agreed with the residents that there must remain long term parking on this site as part of any future proposals.  ECRA and the other Residents Associations, along with the businesses, are maintaining that there must be in addition of 120 long term parking spaces on this site for town centre use.

CALAT Centre

Is being considered by BrickbyBrick (Croydon Council’s new housing development company) are considering what options are possible on this site.  This includes housing or a combined community provision for Coulsdon that would include Community facilities, library and medical centre.  ECRA and the Residents Associations are supporting the use of this site for community facilities and opposing housing.

CALAT Centre Car Park

The existing southern car park at the Calat Centre is open to the public for short term parking, but unfortunately has a very restricted entrance.  There is a plan to provide a new entrance / exit to Woodcote Grove Road, which we support,. However, this is on hold until the Council have ecided the future of the Calat Centre, along with Lion Green Road Car Park.

ECRA and the other Residents Associations with continue to campaign for adequate parking provision in the town centre.

Cane Hill Park

Phase one is well under way and, by the New Year, 100 families will have moved on to the site.  In the autumn, Croydon Council agreed to Planning permission for the next phases by delegated powers.

ECRA and the other Residents Associations have continued to express concerns about traffic and road safety issues.  As a result, Croydon Council have agreed to re-mark the entrance to Cane Hill Park at Cane Hill Drive to show a clear pedestrian crossing area and Barrett Homes have now put up a sign saying (Beware Pedestrians) on the exit from Cane Hill.

We are also concerned about the increase in traffic in the town centre, both from Cane Hill and other development in Coulsdon and the surrounding areas.  Traffic has increased in outer London and Surrey since 2012 while before this date it was decreasing and this confirmed in reports by both TfL and DFT Highways.  As a result, we will continue to press Croydon Council, TfL and Barrett’s to try and obtain an exit onto the By-pass to relieve traffic in the town centre.

Cane Hill Road Names

The names of the road in phase one are all names after the old wards of Cane Hill Hospital, these include such names as Chauce, Olave,  Paxton and Salisbury etc.We are also pleased that, after discussions with Barrett Homes and Croydon Council the main spine road was named Cane Hill Drive and not Cane Hill Road as originally proposed.

Below is a link to Cane Hill development.