Coulsdon Road Closure – extended

The road works on Coulsdon Common which has closed Coulsdon Road and access to Caterham is not finished and will be extended by 2 weeks and possibly up to 4 weeks.

This will mean the 466 bus will terminate at Old Coulsdon with at least 2 buses per hour continuing to serve Caterham via the A23, Hooley and Shepherds Hill.

The 404 will continue to terminate and start from Lacy Drive Old Coulsdon.

Progress towards the Coulsdon Health Centre

You may remember that it was published here and elsewhere (including Inside Croydon) in February 2024 that the Council had put the Calat Centre site up for sale on the open market after 8 years of struggling by Residents’ Associations, Coulsdon businesses etc. and 2 years by Chris Philp MP’s attempts in discussions with CEX of NHS South West London and Ministers to get a Health Centre for Coulsdon, only to have disappointment following disappointment. The south of the Borough only has 7 medical facilities (reduced from 9) as opposed to the 49 in the rest of the Borough, acknowledged as only 7 in the presentation from the NHS. That publicity of the sale resulted in hastily issued press releases by the Council and Chris to says that agreement has been reached by the Council and the NHS to sell the site to the NHS, including trying to blame ‘local activists’ for delaying the process.

Residents’ Association representatives met with Mathew Kershaw, CEO of Croydon NHS on the 18th March 2024 to discuss the Coulsdon Medical centre on the Calat site. Mathew assured us that the NHS had now purchased the site, NHS England had now released the funding and they were pressing ahead with the design. We asked when we could share the news. He said it should be by the end of the month – March 2024.

We received the PowerPoint presentation that also includes the design this morning. Chris Philp MP seems to have it received yesterday.

The important issues are:

  • The disabled and Ambulance access from Woodcote Grove Road has been restored (but we expect some opposition from Croydon Highways).
  • Pedestrian access will also be from Chipstead Valley Road and they will discuss with the Dialysis centre access from Malcolm Road.
  • The building will be smaller with the ability to add floors when more funding becomes available.
  • The building will be for one GP Practice . What we don’t know as yet if this will be an existing Coulsdon GP or it will be a new GP Practice.
  • They hope to submit a planning application in April. It is important that we all support the application.
  • If Planning is agreed quickly they hope to complete by Summer 2025.

The PowerPoint presentation by NHS South West London can be viewed here.

Not bad for a bunch of activists.

Transport Update 2024 – Buses

The change to bus stops in central Croydon took place at the beginning of February. The 60, 166 and 466 northbound now stop in St Georges Walk, while the N68 still stops in Park Lane. The 405 now terminates in Park Lane. Southbound the 60, 166, 405, 466 and N68 all leave from Park Street. Superloop SL5 from Croydon to Bromley via Shirley and Eden Park with Single deck buses started in February from St George’s Walk. It is the first time that there has been a bus direct from Croydon to Bethlem Hospital.

The postponed Sutton and Croydon changes: The main splitting of the 407 has been delayed until the existing tender runs out. It is believed that the other changes to 166, 312, 434 and 439 and withdrawal of 455 will go ahead in March 2024.

Bus Usage Stats from TfL – Coulsdon Routes for the year 2022/2023: 60 5,628,532; 466 3,458,891; 405 1,388,941; 463 1,021,321; 166 942,343; 434 218,127 404 185,277; N68 343,751  The busiest route in Croydon is the 109, 608, 923 and the 60 is 4th Busiest route and one of only three that has exceeded its pre-COVID usage. Source: