Lion Green Road: Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) finding of Saxon Graves in 2022

The Archaeological study on Lion Green by the Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) has been released to Croydon Council. Excavations of the old car park where carried out in 2015 revealing two late-Roman burials and an undated dog burial; a Saxon burial dated to the late 6th early 7th century by a glass vessel. In addition, two disturbed graves were also found. A further excavation took place at the Lion Green Road car park between 15th March and 9th April 2021, for CField the developer, and again a year later.

The 2021 excavations uncovered a further 12 inhumation burials. This was followed by a series of three watching briefs between 7th and 31st March 2022, when an additional six burials were discovered, one of which led to the hand excavation of exposed features. All graves appear to be Saxon and six had iron knives buried with them. They were aligned south-west to north-east and some were coffined. There were also at least three empty burial cuts that can probably be attributed to investigations undertaken in 1912–13, when a cemetery was found and skeletons were removed. These are now in the Natural History Museum and one skull is in the Horniman Museum. This work comprises the final phases of an archaeological investigation that began in 2015. The full post excavation assessment can be found on the Croydon Council website and contains images and further information courtesy of MOLA.

Reduction of service on the Tattenham Corner line

The East Surrey Transport Committee, ECRA and CWRA are asking you to object to the reduction in service on the Tattenham Corner line – which has reduced since the pandemic to two trains per hour into London during the week

Please read the attached notice for information, and email GTR at to add you voice to object to the current position.

CWRA Transport Report CR5 Sept 2022


Town centre road repairs: 25th July 2022 for 4 weeks

The Council has agreed to repair the road surface in the town centre, commencing on the 25th July and lasting around 4 weeks.

This will mean that at different times Chipstead Valley Road and parts of Brighton Road will be closed to traffic, sometimes totally and sometimes limited to one direction.

ECRA have asked that southbound buses should have access to the town centre at all times. Northbound buses may be diverted via the Bypass using the 404 bus stop at the northern end of the bus lane.

This will affect buses in Coulsdon:

Southbound: all southbound buses should be able to serve the following stops in the town centre Coulsdon Town station and the Library this includes routes 166 and 434 which will be diverted via Brighton Road and Lion Green Road.

Northbound: All stops will be closed. The following will apply Routes 60, 405 and N68 will be diverted via the Bypass after Coulsdon South station and will serve the 404 stop at the end of the bypass.

Route 166 and 434 will be diverted after Portnalls Road stop along Lion Green Road, then along the bypass. They will serve the Lion Green stop and the 404 stop at the northern end of the bypass.

Route 463 will be diverted via the Bypass after Coulsdon South station and will serve the 404 stop on the bypass then turn into the town centre and serve the stop in the Avenue.

Route 404 remains on its existing routing.

COVID / East Coulsdon update May 2022

Covid Update : People over the age 75 and those with immune deficiencies are now able to have a 4th Covid Booster Vaccination. To check if you are eligible and to book an appointment you need to go to the NHS web site or you can phone 119.

It is pleasing to see that the Vaccination Centre at St Aidan’s in Chipstead Valley Road run by Valley Pharmacy  020 8939 7926 is open on a number of days per week.

We would like to thank Valley Pharmacy for setting up this local facility and excellent work they have done on our behalf. In the 18months to April 2022 they have administered over 70,000 vaccine injections.